X-Men Movie Nooz: Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds Gets Mysterious About Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman was the guest on the series premiere of Marvel’s Storyboards, with host Joe Quesada, artist, former Editor-in-Chief, and current Creative Director of Marvel Entertainment. Jackman revealed a lot of interesting information about his experience preparing to play Wolverine for the first time, from his wife’s concern about the role, to his complete ignorance of the character and the fact that a wolverine is a real animal.

Jackman also discussed how the darker side of Logan’s life and the things he has done weigh on him heavily and how Wolverine is not a “redeemable character.”

We don’t live on that edge. That was what always really drew me to that character and also just the lack of memory. That was huge. The not — just that feeling that you’ve done something that you may never get over. ‘I’m not 100% sure what it is. But I just have this feeling that I’m a bad egg.’

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Deadpool 3

The future of the Deadpool franchise now that Disney controls the 20th Century Fox library of movies and characters is still in doubt. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds continues to keep hope alive that good ol’ Wade Wilson might actually wind his way into the MCU at some point. This time, Reynolds attempts to explain the lack of news about Deadpool 3 with an Unsolved Mysteries-style Deadpool video, tongue planted firmly in cheek.


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