Aliens Invade to Alter the Evolution of Humanity in Sci-Fi Short Seedling

A global storm ravages the world leaving millions without power. For days on end, people huddle indoors as swirling clouds cover every corner of the globe in torrential rains. When the storm subsides, the skies clear up and power is restored, but people report seeing ships in the clouds and strange creatures. The storm was just a symptom of a much greater event: humanity’s first contact with an alien race.

Seedling was written and directed by Stevie Russell and stars Niamh Algar and Paul Reid.

Speaking with io9, Russell explained that the short will hopefully be expanded into a feature that will explore the motivations of the aliens and their impact on the human species.

The aliens’ motives are not clear to start with. The storms they brought are having an effect on the environment and world experts meet this with concern. The idea of them seeding the planet is a terrifying prospect at first and carries with it all sorts of creepy connotations. Our main character believes there is more to it than that. She can sense that her baby has a little more to offer than world domination. This is something felt by all those affected. They also start to gain strange abilities brought on by the power of what they are carrying. In the end, the aliens are here to help us, but it comes with a deeply troubling cost.


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