Wolverine vs. Deadpool Feud Heats Up on Social Media

Ryan Reynolds has been courting, cajoling, begging and bating Hugh Jackman to suit up as Wolverine just one more time for a team-up with his foul-mouthed alter-ego Deadpool for some time now, but the pestering has reached all new levels.

After a friendly, but still biting, jab at Reynolds on his birthday…

Reynolds fired back with both barrels, posting a mock political smear ad aimed at Jackman’s portrayal of Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart from the upcoming political film The Front Runner.

In response, Jackman posted this classy video of his dog defecating on a photo of a Deadpool-attired Reynolds. *SNIKT* Jackman and Wolverine for the win!

The Front Runner opens in theaters on November 6th.

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