Gabriel Luna to Play the New Killer Robot in James Cameron’s Judgment Day Sequel

Without the talent of creator James Cameron at the helm, the Terminator franchise has all but sputtered out in the 27 years since Terminator 2: Judgment Day. That’s not really surprising considering Cameron himself felt that the story came to an “absolute conclusion” in that movie.

Apparently, Cameron changed his mind as his new Terminator movie will attempt to explain the awesomeness of the original T-800 model by exploring the man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) “who’s DNA was harvested from – that they grew the organic outter [sic] layer” from to make that badass hunter-killer robot who keeps coming “back” for more.

Of course, following the exploits of a doddering old skin donor doesn’t make for much of a movie so Cameron needs a new hunter-killer to serve as the antagonist of the movie and he has apparently found him. According to DeadlineGabriel Luna, most widely known for his role as ‘Ghost Rider’ on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will play the new Terminator.

Unlike Judgment Day, however, the Terminator will not be the focus of the movie, as Cameron has already revealed the new sequel will feature “a young woman from a working class neighborhood in Mexico City” named Dani as “the new centerpiece of the new story.” Unknown Colombian actress Natalia Reyes has landed the lead role, Deadline reports.

Linda Hamilton, who played the iconic waitress-turned-road warrior Sarah Connor, will also appear in the movie, which Cameron is currently writing with Tim Miller (Deadpool), who will direct.

One thought on “Gabriel Luna to Play the New Killer Robot in James Cameron’s Judgment Day Sequel

  • Maybe Cameron can make me care about Terminator again but I doubt it. It has been so bad for so long.


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