First Shots of David Harbour in Costume as Hellboy in Rise of the Blood Queen

It’s fitting that comic book legend Mike Mignola was the one to share the first image of David Harbour as the monster-bashing demonic star of Neil Marshall’s (Westworld TV series) Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen considering Mignola breathed life into the salty Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense agent way back in 1993 and continues to write and draw the character’s comic book exploits to this day (check out Dark Horse’s Hellboy Zone).

In the image, Harbour comes off looking bigger, meaner and scarier than Ron Perlman’s version, but we’re pretty sure they just added a red tint to a black-and-white photo. Nevertheless, the image has us more excited than ever to see Marshall’s take on the world Mignola created.

Here’s another image of Harbour that popped up online the same day, as well as a larger version of the original image.

Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen was written by Andrew Cosby (Eureka TV series), Christopher Golden (Ghosts of Albion) and Mignola. Milla JovovichDaniel Dae Kim, Sasha Lane, Penelope Mitchell and Ian McShane also star.

3 thoughts on “First Shots of David Harbour in Costume as Hellboy in Rise of the Blood Queen

  • Jon Jones

    Yeah, you can tell by the color of his hair that they just put a red filter or red PS layer over the B&W — good catch — but he still looks freaking awesome! Makes Perlman’s HB look like a cartoon.

  • Yeah, he really does look pretty freaking excellent. I’m sure those veins or scars or whatever are fake, but he is yoked and that mug of his just looks dangerous.


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