Still Badass: Harrison Ford Accepts No Blame for Punching Ryan Gosling in the Face

You just gotta love Harrison Ford. Not only has he played some of the coolest scoundrels and toughest teachers in the history of cinema, but he pretty much lives the life of an action hero, rescuing lost hikers in his helicopter and saving lives by ditching his crashing plane into a golf course instead of a densely-populated suburb. Being the rugged sort that he is, Ford has often poked fun at some of the artifice that surrounds actors and directors, often to the shock of his fans, such as his infamous comment to George Lucas about his Star Wars dialogue: “George! You can type this sh*t, but you sure can’t say it! Move your mouth when you’re typing!”

Given his character, it’s no surprise that Ford refuses to accept responsibility for hurting one of his male co-stars during an action sequence. Ryan Gosling, who plays Agent K in French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049, revealed last year in an interview with GQ that Ford, who reprises his role as Rick Deckard, punched him in the face during the filming of one scene. When asked about it during his own recent interview with GQ, Ford admitted that Gosling got punched, but puts the blame solely on the “f*cking Mouseketeer” for the hit, saying “Gosling’s face was where it should not have been.”

His job was to be out of the range of the punch. My job was also to make sure that I pulled the punch. But we were moving, and the camera was moving, so I had to be aware of the angle to the camera to make the punch look good. You know, I threw about a hundred punches in the shooting of it, and I only hit him once.

Ford did extend an olive branch to his co-star, going to Gosling’s dressing room to pour him a glass of scotch. Of course, after that glass, Ford left with the bottle.

What—did he f*cking expect the whole bottle? You know, I figured one drink would fix it. That was enough.

Tough-guy act aside, Ford did have praise for Gosling, calling him a “smart guy” and saying that he was “fun to work with.”

Blade Runner 2049 was directed by French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s (Enemy) from a script written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, from a story by Fancher that is based on the world envisioned by the late Philip K. Dick. Jared Leto, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Dave Bautista and Edward James Olmos also star.

Blade Runner 2049 opens on October 6th.



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