Ruben Fleischer’s Venom Adaptation Based on Two Key Comic Book Storylines

We know a lot about Sony’s plans to develop a “Spider-Verse” — movies related to Spider-Man, but apparently not featuring the Tom Holland version due to rights issues with Marvel — including a Morbius the Living Vampire movie being written by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, a Silver Sable & Black Cat movie to be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and the Venom movie that is currently in production under the direction of Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), but we know precious little about the plots of the movies or even how the characters will be adapted for film.

We know Tom Hardy is playing Eddie Brock, the first host (after Peter Parker) of the slick black alien symbiote that grants incredible powers, but we don’t know which version of Brock/Venom we’re getting. In the comic books, Venom has ranged from a bloodthirsty monster who wants nothing more than to eat Spider-Man’s brains, to a vigilante anti-hero who teams up with Spider-Man to take down worse threats.

The best clue yet as to what sort of Venom we will be getting was offered up by Fleischer at the 2017 Comic-Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this past weekend. While he didn’t reveal any images or footage or give us a synopsis, Fleischer did say that the movie will draw from two classic Venom storylinesLethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes. In Lethal Protector, Spider-Man and Venom form a truce, with Spider-Man promising to leave Venom alone as long as he doesn’t commit any new crimes. In Planet of the Symbiotes, Spider-Man and Venom team up once again to save the world from an invasion of symbiotes.

Based on this reveal by Fleischer, it looks like the movie will feature an Eddie Brock who, while probably not a hero, has some control of the Venom symbiote and uses it to battle other symbiotes. A frequent rumor has Venom’s ultra-violent spawn, Carnage, as the main villain, which still fits with what Fleischer revealed.

Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner wrote the first draft of the script. The cast includes Riz AhmedMichelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott, and Scott Haze in as-yet-unrevealed roles. Woody Harrelson is said to be in talks for a role in the movie, as well, possibly as a “henchman” type character.

Venom is slated to be released in theaters on October 5, 2018.

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