Marvel Studios Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Style With 33 Gold Character Posters

Though an absolutely filmmaking behemoth at the box office worldwide today, Marvel Studios was an untested, fledgling movie studio that only had control of a portion of Marvel Comics’ iconic characters a decade ago that bet big on an indie director, an uninsurable leading man and a C-list superhero and won big with Iron Man. Ten years, 19 Movies, and $17 billion later, the studio is stronger than ever going into into its second decade, with a roster of new movies that will feature more female heroes — Wasp (Evangelyne Lilly) is getting co-billing in the Ant-Man sequel and Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) is headlining Marvel’s first female solo movie — more diversity (Black Panther 2 is in active development) and plenty more surprises — the entire plot of Avengers 4! — in store for us. To celebrate their unprecedented success in their first decade, Marvel is treating the fans who made it all possible with a batch of gold-toned character posters that feature our favorite heroes and teams, with tag lines that remind us that these superheroes are far more than 2-dimensional comic book characters.

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