Marvel Movie Nooz: Eternals Set Video, Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man, Hulk Rights and Mutants?

BTS Reveals and Possible Spoilers…

Marvel’s boldest new franchise is currently shooting in England under the secret title “Sack Lunch,” but already photos and videos from set locations in London have leaked out, revealing Kit Harrington as the human hero the Black Knight and Gemma Chan as Sersi, a superpowered member of the nearly immortal race of beings known as the Eternals, taking a friendly stroll before something or someone lifts Sersi into the air. We’re hoping it’s the hand of a Celestial, one of the immortal gargantuan beings who created the Eternals and their misshapen brothers and sisters, the Deviants.

The movie is the first major studio film for Independent Spirit Award-winning director Chloé Zhao (The Rider). The script was written by Matthew and Ryan Firpo. The Eternals opens in theaters on November 6th.

Iron Man 4

Life and art imitate each other when it comes to Robert Downey, Jr. and Iron Man, with movie fans and Marvel maniacs lamenting the end of the actor’s run in the role of the armored hero who started it all right alongside Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and the rest of the denizens of the MCU who mourne the death of the Avenger. Since the movie’s release, Downey, Jr. has spoken of the end of his tenure as Iron Man numerous times, always making it pretty clear that it has, definitively, come to an end. That is, until now.

During a recent interview in support of his new movie Dolittle, Downey, Jr. surprised everyone by saying that “anything could happen,” including him suiting up as Iron Man for one more adventure. Unfortunately, his wife and producer Susan interjected before he could elaborate on that thought, but it’s good to know he hasn’t closed that door completely.


Ever wondered why the very excellent Mark Ruffalo has yet to get his own Hulk movie? It’s because the rights to produce a solo movie about the jade giant are owned by Paramount Studios so Marvel can only use him in a guest-starring capacity. Now, all of that might be over. According to a recent rumor, Marvel has reacquired the rights to the Hulk, Namor and a host of other characters.

There has been no official confirmation of this, but Ruffalo did recently reveal that he was meeting with the “great and mysterious” Marvel president Kevin Feige about Hulk stories, including possibly introducing She-Hulk into the MCU.

No Mutants (Yet)

After initially releasing a statement in its D23 Newsletter about the upcoming The New Mutants movie being “a seriously electrifying new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe” — and causing the internet to freak out for several hours — Disney re-released the newsletter, removing all mention of the movie. It looks like The New Mutants is destined to be the last gasp of the old Fox X-verse and not a bridge between the MCU and mutants, after all.

It’s been rumored that Psylocke will appear in Shang-Chi, giving us our first X-Men character in the MCU.

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