Adult Swim’s “Multiverse Holiday” Kicks Off With Trailer for Rick and Morty Season 5

At long last, Rick and Morty is back for Season 5 and Adult Swim is making its debut a “Multiverse Holiday,” with sneak peeks, BTS footage, and all episodes of Seasons 1-4 available to stream for free on June 20th! In coordination with the announcement of “Rick and Morty Day,” Adult Swim has finally released the first trailer for the season, which seems to imply that all episodes will be coming without a break between Episodes 5 and 6. We also get a much better look at the Namor the Sub-Mariner-looking character first teased in a Comic-Con animatic, a character that promises to be Rick’s nemesis (even though we’ve never even heard of him once in the past four seasons)!

Rick and Morty was created and executive produced by Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland (Solar Opposites). The insanely brilliant, Emmy-winning half-hour adult cartoon follows the universe’s smartest, most self-destructive, scientist Rick Sanchez (Roiland) and his reality-shattering adventures through space and parallel dimensions with his dim-witted, but good-hearted, grandson Morty (Roiland); his snarky teenage granddaughter Summer (Spencer Grammer); his neurotic, sometimes-psychotic daughter Beth (Sarah Chalke); and his completely inept son-in-law Jerry (Chris Parnell).

Rick and Morty Season 5 debuts on Adult Swim on June 20th.


Image courtesy of Adult Swim

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