The Mandalorian is Given the Cowboy Bebop Treatment in Electric Fan Film

Take the excellent Mandalorian series, sprinkle in a healthy dose of the classic anime series Cowboy Bebop and its electric title sequence featuring “The Real Folk Blues,” and borrow the only palatable element of the awful 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special — the animated sequence that introduced Boba Fett! — and you get this awesome fan-made opening sequence for a Mandalorian animated series that never was!

We were originally going to do a general star wars 90s anime opener but there wasn’t really enough footage, so with the release and undeniable awesomeness of the Mandalorian and the fact the the Mando himself is based on the design of Boba fett, it just works! Thanks for watching and please share this with someone who might appreciate it! May the Force be with you! -ScoundrelMedia

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