New Clip from Stephen King Adaptation IT Will Give You the Creeps

Such a simple phrase.  “Here.  Take it.” 

Whoa.  If you’re not creeped out, check your pulse.  In my previous article after the first IT trailer hit a few weeks ago (and subsequently broke the internet), I discussed concerns with a “shock value” Pennywise — the viewing public would quickly become bored if director Andy Muschietti went Paranormal Activity-meets-Scream.  Boy, was I wrong.  This movie looks SCARY.  Of all the Stephen King hustle and bustle these days, IT has far become the movie I am most excited about.  I’m talking about a real chance for this movie to be up there in the discussion of “scariest of all time.”

Bill Skarsgard looks the Pennywise part.  He speaks the part.  The sleek, jump-scare tactics utilized fit nicely with the slow-moving speech. Remember: Pennywise is personable and likeable… until he isn’t.

As an added bonus, we get to see Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) play the wise-cracking Richie Tozier (Beep-Beep, Richie).  Jaeden Lieberher plays leader of the kid-gang, Bill Denbrough — if you saw that gem from Bill Murray called St. Vincent, you know that kid can act.

In short, the casting looks tight.

The little piece offered in the preview from the opening scene with the S.S. Georgie and Pennywise is perhaps what’s most important with this new released footage.  That scene is actually the longest dialogue we get from Pennywise in the entire novel and is vital to nail flawlessly.  Georgie meets Pennywise should set the tone for the rest of the movie, and from what I can gather from this preview, we should be in for a real treat.

Andrés Muschietti (Mama) directed this Stephen King adaptation from a screenplay by Chase Palmer & Cary Fukunaga and Gary DaubermanJeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer and Nicholas Hamilton also star.

IT will be released beginning September 8th.

3 thoughts on “New Clip from Stephen King Adaptation IT Will Give You the Creeps

  • RedMochoCooler

    Oh ho ho, damn does that look scary!

  • Aaron Katzmarek

    Dude for real. This might be the best we’ve seen in a loooooong time. I am seriously excited about this one.


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