Zachary Levi Cast as Captain Marvel in Live-Action Shazam! Movie

In development hell for nearly a decade, the live-action Shazam! movie finally appears to be on its way to becoming a reality with the announcement that Zachary Levi (Thor: Ragnarok) has been cast in the lead role as the superhero Captain Marvel. Similar to Superman in terms of publishing history and powers, Captain Marvel differs in that his adventures are typically comedic and he is not actually an adult, but a young orphan boy named Billy Batson, who transforms into the mighty superhero whenever he says the magic word “Shazam.”

The project is slated to be the next major release of Warner’s DC movie-verse, ahead of Joss Whedon‘s Batgirl and Suicide Squad 2. THR reports that New Line is planning on going into production on Shazam! in Toronto in February.

In an Instagram message posted the day after the announcement, Levy said that he is “honored and greatly humbled” to be playing the role of Captain Marvel and included a great piece of fan-fic art depicting what he might look like in an updated version of Cap’s classic costume.

It was originally thought that Captain Marvel’s frequent enemy Black Adam, who will be played by Dwayne Johnson, would be the villain of Shazam!, but The Rock will be getting his own solo movie starring the anti-hero, possibly leading up to the two titans to come together in a Shazam! v Black Adam team-up movie.

3 thoughts on “Zachary Levi Cast as Captain Marvel in Live-Action Shazam! Movie

  • Jon Jones

    What? Chuck? Weird. Actually, that pic makes it look possible. Seriously, tho, I can see him playing a boy in a man’s body.

  • Loki Odinson

    Not sure if even the “300” workout and diet will cut it for Zack. Might have to double up and go for the 600.
    That said…. SHAZAM!!!

    • Ha, yeah, man, I don’t know. But, then again, Chris Pratt went from chubby couch potato to ripped for Guardians. All it takes is money, free time and the promise of a huge payday!


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