Surprising Photos and Video from the Set of Thor: Love and Thunder


We are always hesitant to share unofficial photos taken from the sets of movies. They are universally of poor quality and generally the action depicted is out of context and/or missing crucial CGI enhancements. However, considering this is Marvel and we are starving for anything we can get our hands on now that WandaVision is ended, we have made an exception regarding the leaks from the set of Thor: Love and Thunder.

We didn’t think it would get much better than seeing Chris Hemsworth clad in original comic costume-worthy blue pants and strappy yellow boots, but those sneaky set spies have proved us wrong. Not only do we get a video confirming the return of

Title star Chris Hemsworth announced the start of principal photography on Thor: Love and Thunder — now officially Marvel’s longest-running Avenger solo movie franchise — with a heartfelt tweet acknowledging Indigenous Australians and calling awareness to the January 26th “Australia Day” holiday controversy. Posing with members of the Gadigal and Bidiagal Nation, as well as director New Zealand director Taika Waititi, and members of the Maori communtity, Hemsworth wrote:

New set photos confirm that the “Asgard Players” will return in the sequel to Thor: Ragnarok, with Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth and Sam Neill reprising their roles as Actor Loki, Actor Thor and Actor Odin, respectively, with Melissa McCarthy joining as Actor Hela.

But what’s really got us excited is our first look at Natalie Portman sporting a bulked-up new physique as Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor.

Thor: Love and Thunder is being directed by Taika Waititi, from a script he wrote with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Tessa Thompson, Christian BaleChris PrattJaimie AlexanderPom KlementieffDave Bautista, and Karen Gillan also star.

The movie is slated for release in theaters on May 6, 2022.


Images courtesy of Disney/Marvel Studios; Edits by Movie Nooz

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