Red Sonja Slashing Her Way Back to the Big Screen

Thirty-two years after Brigitte Nielson donned the long red wig to cash in on  Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s popularity and eight years after Robert Rodriguez announced that his then-girlfriend Rose McGowan would be slipping into the scale bikini of the Hyrkanian warrior in a remake (that was shelved two years later), Red Sonja is being prepped to leap off of the comic book page and onto the big screen once again. According to Deadline, Millenium Media, which is currently in development on a new movie vision of the comic book character Hellboy, is teaming up with Cinelou (Phoenix Forgotten) to produce a “different” Red Sonja movie, “with fresh story ideas and characters.”

Hopefully, those fresh story ideas will come from some of the creators working hard to keep the character relevant since she first appeared as a thinly-veiled rip-off of Robert E. Howard‘s female swashbuckler Red Sonya, people like Michael Avon Oeming and Gail Simone of Dynamite comics. I wonder if Gail is available…

And, just to remind everyone how terrible the original was, here’s a blast-from-the-past: the original theatrical trailer of the 1985 Red Sonja movie, complete with a ridiculous amount of spoilers, even by today’s standards.

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