Marvel Movie Nooz: Russo Bros. Share Endgame BTS, Plus Dr. Doom’s Ultimatum

In celebration of the one year anniversary of the release in theaters of Avengers: Endgame, directors Anthony and Joe Russo on Monday screened the highest grossing movie of all time once again and answered questions via social media in real time. The brothers revealed all kinds of interesting information about the making of the movie — Tony’s cabin, Wakanda and Tokyo were all shot on the same compound in Atlanta — and hinted that they might be interested in returning to direct a future Marvel movie. The Russos also posted videos of Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jrbeing wrapped as Captain America and Iron Man, respectively, for the very last time, and other BTS goodness.

Doctor Doom

A social media post from Marvel Studios insider Shawn Sendio about an “ULTIMATUM” coming has the internet ablaze with talk of who the next uber-bad guy in the Marvel Universe is going to be now that Thanos is out of the picture. Sendio, with production credits on all of the Netflix Marvel series, as well as two of the series coming to Disney+, posted “Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army to Unite Mankind,” which many fans immediately linked to the Marvel Ultimate limited series Ultimatum in which Dr. Doom is the primary antagonist, manipulating events from the shadows.

It’s just rumor and theory at this point, but an insanely egotistical and narcissistic despot with advanced technology and a knowledge of magic who can operate with impunity in his sovereign kingdom is the perfect villain to take the MCU into its next phase. Doom is also the perfect villain to use to bridge the gap between the established MCU and the influx of Marvel characters once controlled by Fox since he is the primary antagonist of the Fantastic Four, but he has been a menace to all heroes at one point or another, including the X-Men.


Images courtesy of Marvel Comics & Marvel Studios; Edits by Movie Nooz

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