Black Panther Title Actor Chadwick Boseman Dies of Cancer at 43

T’Challa, King of Wakanda and Black Panther, has returned to the ethereal beauty and mystery of the Astral Dimension to reside for eternity in the Ancestral Plane…

Actor Chadwick Boseman, who personified the strength and nobility of T’Challa on the big screen in Marvel’s worldwide phenomenon Black Panther, has passed away after a four-year battle with colon cancer at the age of 43. Boseman died at his home in Los Angeles, surrounded by friends and family.

A graduate of Howard University, Boseman took many small parts in television before his 2013 break-out role as Jackie Robinson in 42, which he followed with a daring performance as James Brown in Get on Up in 2014. He first appeared as T’Challa, aka Black Panther, in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, before becoming the first black actor to lead a Marvel franchise in 2018’s Black Panther. He reprised the role that same year in Avengers: Infinity War and in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame.

He will be missed…

One thought on “Black Panther Title Actor Chadwick Boseman Dies of Cancer at 43

  • Jon Jones

    Shocking news. I am very impressed that he filmed so many scenes showing great strength and dignity while being sick. That is dedication! RIP


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