An Alien’s Arrival Awakens Human Curiosity in Brent Bonacorso’s Excellent Sci-Fi Short The Narrow World

A gigantic alien crashes to Earth and takes up residence in Los Angeles. Contrary to expectations, when the alien is neither hostile towards the tiny humans around it, nor communicative in any way, it falls on the populace to decipher what, exactly, this visitor wants and what it means for them. One man sees more to it — a message, perhaps, that may tell us less about the alien, and more about our deepest inner selves, about the mysteries of the soul.

The Narrow World was written and directed by Brent Bonacorso, with visual effects by Bonacorso and Eric Smit. Karim Saleh, Julia Cavanaugh and Scott Bailey Gagain star.

Image and video courtesy of Brent Bonacorso

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