Robert Downey, Jr. Getting Animated For Iron Man

Comic book characters are notorious for dying and coming back to life and their big screen counterparts are no exception, with countless Marvel heroes dying — along with half of all life in the universe — at the end of Avengers: Infinity War only to be resurrected at the climax of Avengers: Endgame. We were stunned when Spider-Man (Tom Holland) began to crumble to dust, but we all knew that Infinity War was only half of the story so there was a way for him to come back, but Iron Man’s (Robert Downey, Jr.) death in Endgame, complete with funeral, seemed pretty final. With Downey comparing himself and his Iron Man armor to athletes whose jerseys are retired and talking about getting “off the bus while it rolled on to other destinations,” the bitter truth of it all seemed to be that we would never hear Downey say, “I am Iron Man,” again.

However, thanks to the loose lips of the always-enthusiastic Jeff Goldblum, we can take comfort in knowing that there might be a little bit of sweetness left in that bitter truth after all. In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, Goldblum revealed that he will be reprising his role of the Grandmaster from Thor: Ragnarok in the What If…? animated series coming to Disney+ and that a certain someone would be giving voice to our favorite “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” at least one more time.

I went to the Disney studios and I recorded the Grandmaster’s voice for an episode of a show that’s gonna be on Disney+ that’s called ‘What If…?’ It’s an animated version of all the characters we know and love from Marvel and this episode included the Grandmaster and Iron Man, so Robert Downey will do a voice for that, and Korg. Taika Waititi had already recorded his voice for that, so yeah, for a couple hours I enjoyed doing that.


Image courtesy of Disney/Marvel Studios

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