Flight of the Navigator Reboot in the Works (Again)

It’s been eight years since Disney announced that it was preparing to remake the 1986 sci-fi adventure movie Flight of the Navigator and, while there have been occasional updates on the project since then — Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow was supposedly working on a version of the script at one point — it started to seem as if the movie was dead in the water.

However, like the child protagonist of the original movie who was abducted by aliens and returned home eight years later, the Flight of the Navigator reboot has resurfaced once again. Instead of Disney, The Jim Henson Company is developing and producing the movie for Lionsgate. Joe Henderson, showrunner of Fox’s Lucifer, has been hired to write the reboot.

While we have only vague memories of this movie even existing, with sci-fi trending R-rated lately, we think there’s plenty of room for a good all-ages sci-fi movie at the box office and if Disney’s not doing it, The Jim Henson Company is the next best thing. Bring on the practical effects!

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