Brent Sprecher


Brent is an entertainment journalist and comic book writer & artist living in Southern California. Brent spent eight years covering comic book conventions, press junkets and movie premieres for Wizard Magazine and the independent cable network ReelzChannel and is currently the founder and editor-in-chief of genre movie site MovieNooz.com.

Brent wrote a string of biography comics on personalities such as Ted Kennedy and Angelina Jolie and is the co-creator and writer of the all-ages adventure comic book Spaced Out. He is currently the designer and artist behind the time-tripping images of Spectrum Games’ Retrostar RPG and is also the designer and cover artist for Metahuman Press’ Lightweight series of novels.


Aaron Katzmarek


Aaron is a talented writer and fisherman hailing from the north woods of Wisconsin. His reviews have garnered the attention of mainstream outlets, publishers, and even several of the creators he has critiqued.


Carlos Rodriquez


Carlos is a consummate pop culture professional. He has worked in many facets as a creative, from television and movies, to comics and video games. As an editor, Carlos is a wealth of knowledge and has been instrumental in maintaining the integrity of the site since 2019.


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